Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet Ride

This is actually a post about my man. For years he has been wanting a motorcycle. Thankfully he wasn't looking for a super bike with super speed. He wanted a classic looking British bike with great character. Of course every time I thought of motorcycles the word DANGER in neon flashing colors filled my head. I gave the thumbs up in the end though.
Here we are at the shop picking up the bike. Matt was like a kid on Christmas day with a big grin on his face.
I don't know how good it shows up in this picture but it looks like the bike paint job and the truck paint job were matching. They both have gold, red, and black. The owners of the bike shop thought this was funny.
I don't think Barnsley cares too much about the new bike. He sniffed it over and sat for his picture.
Matt is still in the learning stages of this process so I am just going to stay off of the bike until a later date. We still need to get the seat attachment for the back unless I want to sit on the fender, I think not. The great thing about getting the bike was that it made us clean the side of the garage with all of the junk piled up. It looks a lot better in there now.


  1. yay! matt got a cameo on your blog. =) let me know how it goes -- chris wants one too ...

  2. Wow, the bike looks awesome! You are a good wife.

  3. thanks a lot, laura! paul saw this post and he just kept saying, "that is a seriously awesome bike!" ;)

  4. Royal Enfield, great British bikes!