Monday, June 27, 2011

Wordless Book

I recently saw a link (can't remember the site) showing a baby book someone made using embroidery. I loved the idea and kept it tucked away in my mind until I was ready to make this. The design of the book is loosely based of Amy Butler's pattern in her book for the "Imagination Book".
 It is a soft accordian folding book using 6 embroidered panels (3 on each side) and coordinating fabrics. The fabrics I used are so amazing and of course come from my Japanese stash.
 The woodland deer fabric is one of my favorites and I have been saving it for something special.
 Cute little red riding hood fabric.

I made a ribbon tie closure for the book rather than a fabric envelope case like the original pattern. The book doesn't really fold very well and is more like a long flat book when open. I don't think I would make this style again but I do love how the fabrics coordinate and the pictures I stitched turned out.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sushi Love

After living in Japan for 4 years I find myself craving sushi at least once a week. Given our current location that presents a bit of a challenge. There are no restaurants within 50 miles that I would dare eat sushi at so therefore it has been over a year since I have had any. There are some restaurants that would be okay within 90 miles but I can never convince Matt that he is hungry for sushi if he has too many other options. I tried making sushi one time quite a while ago with disastrous results but I was not going to give up.
 The key is the rice. Last time I did not prepare it correctly so it crumbled when I tried to roll the nori around it. This time it went much better.
 I used canned salmon, cucumber and mayo in this set. I repeated it again in a few days once I had a ripe avocado. Of course I mixed up some wasabi paste to serve on the side.
Of course I am no expert in this and wouldn't even consider this well done but passable. Once you have seen true sushi masters at work in Japan you know you will never come close.