Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sushi Love

After living in Japan for 4 years I find myself craving sushi at least once a week. Given our current location that presents a bit of a challenge. There are no restaurants within 50 miles that I would dare eat sushi at so therefore it has been over a year since I have had any. There are some restaurants that would be okay within 90 miles but I can never convince Matt that he is hungry for sushi if he has too many other options. I tried making sushi one time quite a while ago with disastrous results but I was not going to give up.
 The key is the rice. Last time I did not prepare it correctly so it crumbled when I tried to roll the nori around it. This time it went much better.
 I used canned salmon, cucumber and mayo in this set. I repeated it again in a few days once I had a ripe avocado. Of course I mixed up some wasabi paste to serve on the side.
Of course I am no expert in this and wouldn't even consider this well done but passable. Once you have seen true sushi masters at work in Japan you know you will never come close.


  1. Wow, your rolls look excellent, oh crafty friend! And I love the cute dishes.

  2. Laura, I could just about DIE for some decent salmon nigiri and I'm terrified to try Albuquerque sushi. Yours looks pretty yummy, though.

  3. Keri, we are now sushi snobs! Living in Japan will do that to you ;)