Friday, September 25, 2009

Study Date

Matt has started taking classes again and is often reading in the office while sitting in the rescued papasan chair. He often has a study date named Lilly, so I snapped a few pictures of how this looks. She was rather annoyed that I was interrupting perfectly good sleep. She is a true lap dog. If we sit down she thinks it is time to cuddle.

A few weekends have passed and I have finally gotten around to posting some pictures from our adventure at the Orion Beer Fest. Orion is an Okinawan brewery that sponsors this particular festival. The festival also included traditional Eisa dance competitions, carnival rides, games and greasy festival food. At the end of the whole night they had the best fireworks display that I've ever seen. It was truly spectacular. The pictures I took didn't turn out that great but show some of the fun.

This is how Pizza-La delivers the pizzas out in town here.

Tim, Christa and Matt

Many of the local people dressed in their Yukatas.


Matt and I, self taken of course.