Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Entry Way Part I

I have started working on our front entry way so guests will feel a little more welcome. It will have a place to hang coats and a bench to slip on or off shoes. First project was the coat rack.
My parents brought me a lovely collection of craftsman molding that they removed from a home that burned. The wood was a little damaged and smokey but still very usable. I decided to use the piece above to make the coat rack.
First I needed to cut out some brackets to support a top shelf.
You can see I played with the design of the brackets so much that I had to use a black marker to make sure I cut the right line.
Two brackets sitting on top of the dog kennel, which actually makes a pretty good work surface.
After screwing the brackets to the molding piece I cut a 1/2 inch plywood top to fit the top.
Using some trim I removed from another piece of molding, I trimmed out the plywood. After all of that I filled in the holes with wood filler, sanded and painted. Once it was dry I added some coat hooks.
Here the shelf is installed.


  1. Beautiful! Your house is going to be so fantastic!

  2. Come stop by today and play the twenty question link back contest sweetie! Can't wait to read your answers...