Monday, July 5, 2010

Doggy Duvet

Have you ever noticed that a dog bed looks a lot better when it matches the rest of the decorating style in a room? I wanted our dog bed to blend in a little better with the style but also needed to get rid of the faux sheepskin covered bed that my terrier mix was shredding with all of her digging.

Most importantly, I wanted to make a completely washable dog bed so when the bed gets stinky (which doesn't take long) it will all get washed and not just the cover like most dog beds. Even the ones that say they are washable really won't fit in your washing machine. For those of you without big dog beds just trust me on that one. 
I found this orange indoor/outdoor fabric marked down to $3 a yard. Best of all it is made in the USA. (That always feels like a rare but happy discovery.) I chose to make contrasting piping with a pale blue fabric. This was my first piping experience and it went fairly well. The corners are tricky but by the end I knew how to navigate them more easily. I just bought a piping foot for my machine and that made things easier.
It took no prompting for the dogs to climb on the new bed and test it for comfort.
I made the bed the size of the space between the wall and love seat, which is 32x40. It is big enough for them to share if Lilly will allow. She may weigh 50 lbs less than Barnsley, but she's the boss.
Barnsley seems to be looking off dreamily like he is pondering where the other bed went to and how this one arrived.

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  1. So cute! HOW did I never think of using indoor/outdoor fabric?