Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cutting Table with Storage....You can make one too!

I finished my wonderful sewing room table this week! I have been waiting to get this project done so I would have a place to cut fabric and work on projects other than our small kitchen table. Many of you will agree that you fell in love with this project table in a well known furniture catalog. Most of us swooned over the piece but realized that we didn't have that kind of spare cash laying around to be spent in the craft room. I used this plan to build the bookcases and this plan to build the table top. They can be found over at knockoff wood. As always I did make modifications which I listed below.
The cubbies are the perfect size for orderly stacks of fabric. The fabric looks so vibrant against the white background.
There is space to pull up 2 stools so perfect for craft parties with a friend. Right now underneath my table I have one stool and Lilly's dog bed.
Because I am only 5'3" I lowered the plans by 2 inches. My table top sits at 35" off the floor but the original plans have it at 37". I also used 1x3 pine boards to trim out the top of the plywood panels. For the top I used 2 pieces of 1/2 inch plywood that I glued up. Underneath I have metal angle brackets to attach the back to the top for added stability. The front sits securely up against the trim piece. Okay, lets talk about cost for this project. With wood, primer, paint and other supplies I came in under $200. That saved me $549.00 even with the piece on sale!
Dimensions: 35" tall, table top is 38" x 55" (plus the trim pieces). This piece provides soooooo much storage that most of the cubbies are still empty. I will get around to filling more of them up when I finish opening the boxes from my previous craft room.


  1. Beautiful, I love the fabric too against the white shelves!

  2. Oh I love it and I have one planned in my future somewhere ... when I actually have a space to work in that will accommodate the table.

  3. Um... is there anything you can't do? =) Amazing!

  4. seriously, Laura, is there anything you can't do? j/k, it is beautiful and I also like the contrast of the fabric and the white. I LOVE that you made it shorter too. =) you are great!

  5. Fantastic, Laura!! You are out of control!

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments. Trust me, you all could build one too.