Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sewing Machine Cozy

I have been hanging on to this fabric for almost a year now with the intention of making a sewing machine cover. I found the fabric on one of our trips to Tokyo while we were still living in Japan but it has taken me a while to finally sew it into a cover. It is the perfect sewing room fabric.
I had just enough of the blue piping left from the Doggy Duvet project to add to the cover. I only had 3" I didn't need. It was meant to be used for this!
I used iron on interfacing in a medium weight to help keep the shape of the cover.
The cover is actually a bit wider than my machine so it can sit over the cords without bunching on the side.
The colors tie in well with my colorful vintage inspired sewing space.

The small wire dress form with hooks was also a Japanese find.


  1. Oh that is cute! It would go perfect with my sewing machine which is from the 50's and robin's egg blue (I love it!). That fabric is so perfect.

  2. I love it! Perfect fabric, fun colours! Gorgeous.

  3. Great machine cover, and I love your sewing corner with its many great finds.

  4. This is exactly what I need. I store my machine out in the open and the plastic cover makes it look so junky. Yours is adorable, and I like your little pincushion. :)

  5. Thanks Keri,
    I use my sweet little latte pincushion all the time. I love it. It stays put well and is easy to pick up and move.

  6. Awesome! What a beautiful space to get creative! :) Thanks for sharing your creativity (love that fabric) in the DIY Project Parade!