Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quilt Holders

I was working on taping off a quilt for top stitching and left the room to answer the phone. When I came back this was the scene that greeted me. I snuck out and got the camera and they were so comfortable using their pillow that they didn't even move.
If I lay anything on the floor, even a single layer of fabric, they think it is for them. I am constantly shooing them away and even lock them out of the room at times. You can see a comfy dog bed behind Lilly. They are so funny!


  1. I can't handle this much cuteness!

  2. Truely adorable. I do have a quilting question, though. I am returning to quilting after many years, and love the new modern quilts. Not boring. Do you mind explaining exactly what you were doing with the tape, or give me a link that further describes it. Is this to hand stitch, or machine? Thanks.