Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lilly's Test Coat

I think dog coats are super cute but not really necessary here in Okinawa. Lilly has quite thin fur and I think she might get cold when we visit Wisconsin in the winter so that is my excuse for coming up with this (I really just wanted to make her a darling little coat).
I wish Matt was here today so he could have taken pictures while I was tracing Lilly on some scrap fabric. She cooperated nicely and I had a nice little diagram to make a pattern from. I drafted a rough pattern and this was the sample coat. I guess this may be the beach version since it is lined with terry cloth. Just kidding! The next one I make will be lovely wool or corduroy with fleece lining. I can't believe it worked on the first try!
She was not thrilled with the photo session but she doesn't seem to mind the coat. She is sleeping with it on while I post this.

1 comment:

  1. That has got to be one of the *cutest* things I've ever seen! You are ridiculously crafty!