Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kawaii Japanese things!

KAWAII = cute
Recently my friend and I made the rounds of our favorite craft stores here. We browsed books, bought fabric and enjoyed great food. A great way to spend a rainy Sunday. Here are a few of the things that made their way home with me.

Fall (or any season as far as I'm concerned) window clings. Check out how cute this little forest scene is. I have them in my sewing room and they are adding a whole lot of Kawaii to the place.

Does anybody know what this says? I don't speak Japanese or French!

This little gem of a book is filled with great bags, zippered pouches and fabric buckets. The Japanese culture appears to like little bags for almost every item you take out of your house. It seems this would help keep you organized and sure looks cute.
The book is split up into the different seasons and uses those color palettes. Amazing layout!

This book is filled with beautiful things for little girls. It is filled with inspiring work. If only I could read kanji!

I want to make up some of this clips for my own hair.


  1. This stuff looks like fun, Laura! I was knitting and I thought of you, being all creative and making fun stuff. Sending some love to you in japan!!

  2. I believe this says, "My little fairy. Let us play hide-and-seek in the woods." I'm no genius - we have a French to English translator on our computer because my Paul loves all things relating to languages. =) I love this! Why is it that the Japanese are so good at making cute stuff?

  3. I love the cute girl dresses in that book can you tell me the name or a way that I can get a copy too. thanks so much