Friday, December 4, 2009

Owl Quilt Finished!

After many months (about 10 to be more precise) the quilt is finished. I started this quilt and then would set it aside. I have had it half quilted for about 4 months and over the long Thanksgiving weekend I forced myself to finish it. I was worried it wasn't going to turn out well but you can see that it came out fine. One spin through the washing machine and dryer and the imperfections have almost disappeared. This quilt is 75 x 75". The pattern is made up and I have to give my friend Christa credit for helping me figure out the math.

I was trying to hide my shadow in the early morning sunshine but it didn't work.

The top is quilted in diagonal lines about 1 1/4 in apart. Much more difficult than it appears!

The pieced back.

I found the triangles fabric for a steal out here, I think all 4 yards for Y1000 or about $10.


  1. *I LOVE IT*!! Fantastic job, Laura! I'm so impressed with the back and all the nice quilting!

  2. This is lovely Laura! Good job!

  3. Did you quilt this one using your own sewing machine, too? I am getting ready to embark on free motion quilting of a twin sized quilt and am wondering if I am going to have problems with puckering due to the size. Beautiful. Your fabrics are lovely, too.