Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Japanese Pattern Eco Chic

I have had this Japanese pattern for a reusable fabric shopping bag for a while now. Yesterday I decided to pull it out and try to figure it out. I think this bag is amazing. Little tricks in the pattern I would have never thought of worked out beautifully. I sewed the bag and matching pouch out of a heavy cotton and used a natural cotton webbing material I had lying around for the binding.
You can see it comfortably fits groceries. It is about the same size as a plastic bag.
No, I did not find granny smith apples in Okinawa. I have a bowl of these artificial apples in my kitchen and when people come to visit they get excited. All we can buy are sweet apples so everyone is wanting something tart. Nothing suitable for baking at our commissary.

After some folding the bag can be stowed in the matching pouch. Japanese brilliance!


  1. Love the bag!It looks slouchy but sturdy, which is a combo I've always loved.

    I find absolutely nothing amusing about your faux apples. :)