Saturday, May 16, 2009

Something's Fishy

While shopping at the Japanese 100Y store I happened upon these dog treats. They are little fish that have been dried and are for dogs and cats according to the picture on the package. I carefully checked the package and found that they are made in Japan so I felt safe enough to try them out. They are a little bit creepy and largely stinky upon opening the package.

Once I got over the ick factor I gave some to the dogs. There was no hesitation and the treats were gobbled up. However, Lilly had a different idea of what she could do with her new delicious treat. She took one and laid it on the rug and then proceeded to try to rub her face and body all over it. YUCK! I had to supervise the chewing and swallowing of them after that.

Here they are after they had their fish treats and pleading for more. It's hard to say no to those faces!

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  1. What sweet faces! We have lots of cool Japanese products here in Hawaii too. Come visit my blog sometime! aloha