Monday, May 18, 2009

Dogs + Beach = Happiness

On Sunday I was invited by my friends to take our labs to the beach. The weather was incredible and the water was great. We had a great time watching them play and retrieve. What I didn't take pictures of and should have are all the people on the left side of the beach. There is a little bit of natural separation and the dogs were so busy playing that they left the other people alone. Well, mostly. Barnsley did visit a lovely couple sitting on the steps twice and shared a shower with them. They were so kind and said they missed their dog who had passed away and they were enjoying watching ours play. Barnsley also tried to follow a few of the kids and adults who came walking past our part of the beach but he was well mannered and there was no jumping or licking involved. The only time he got into some trouble was when he decided to run all the way to the other end of the beach to meet a little long haired dachshund. The poor Japanese woman was probably shaking as he came barreling towards them. All he did was try to sniff that little dog and the little dog was terrified. The woman was so sweet and I apologized in Japanese and she told me it was no problem in Japanese which I was able to understand. She even let Barnsley give her a kiss on the face and pet him so she must have liked him. I love him dearly but draw the line at kisses on the face.
Barnsley (left) Murphy (middle) Bo (right)

Barnsley followed these two boys as they looked for shells

Barnsley hoping Murphy drops the frisbee so he can play with it

A friend of my friend's has this beautiful Great Dane named Sid. He is only 14 mos. old!

The look of Labrador bliss after the play date

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