Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Don't Cat"

You may be asking why "Don't Cat"? It should actually say Don't Dog. Since we've moved and I've let the dogs be loose in the house we have had a little problem with excess hair on the couch and chair. The 100Y store has a solution for everything though. This is why we have "Don't Cat" now. This is a clever little product made to put in your garden to keep the cats from using it as a bathroom. The plastic webs have little plastic spikes that are uncomfortable to step on or lay on. They are not sharp enough to puncture skin as I found out when I did a test run with my own skin. Therefore they were deemed safe to use for project Don't Dog. Now when I leave the house I just put one on each cushion and the dogs stay off the furniture and use their own beds.

The little picture of the cat has tears coming from the eyes. I wish I could read the Kanji.

These are easily stacked when not in use and placed under the couch.

Close up of the system.

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