Monday, December 6, 2010

Lilly Outerwear

Our little terrier mix, Lilly, does not appreciate the cold weather very much. We knew we would be in cold snowy weather over Thanksgiving so I made her a couple of coats to help her handle the change from 72 degrees to 14 degrees.
 She is really a good girl about getting fitted for the jackets but doesn't like standing on the table or getting her picture taken. I made up the pattern as I went so we did a lot of testing.
 Here she is showing it off in the winter wonderland in Wisconsin. I think she is really cute but of course I am biased.

 I also made her a teal and brown coat as well.


  1. so cute! what a good little model too!

  2. That first picture of LIlly is hysterical! Good job on yet another project!