Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old Couch....Fresh Start!

In our new house I have been going for a cottage look with a slight beachy feeling. So far the slip covering the couch has made the most impact. I keep surprising myself when I walk into the living room.
Here in the picture of me working on the couch you can see the old upholstery fabric. It was pretty but not the look I wanted anymore. The couch is good quality so I decided to make my first serious slipcover. I also am doing a chair so I ordered 25 yards of white bull denim and 50 yards of welting cord!
Another picture of the progress. You can see the cushions finished and sitting on the leather love seat.
I had to take a picture of the most challenging part of the whole couch (other than the zippers in the back). This little dart had to be made to fit the corner and it took me a long time of adjusting to get it right.
Here the couch is all covered!
I should also warn you that this is a "do at your own risk" project. I kept catching my fingers in the pins as I sewed and the sharp metal upholstery zippers really sliced my finger when I was stuffing the cushion.
I definitely left my mark on the fabric. Thankfully it is white and it will bleach out. There are several little tiny spots as well from pricked fingers. I think I went through a whole box of band-aids during the construction.
Even before I had the slipcover fabric I had this great coordinating decorator linen that I had picked up at Hobby Lobby. It is wonderful! It is distressed looking and oh so drapey. Much nicer than the stiff upholstered pillows we had.
I have to say that this has been the most difficult sewing project I have ever completed. Mostly due to the heavy weight of the fabric, the welting, and the sheer size of it.
The chair is in progress so stay tuned for pictures of the living room as it improves!

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  1. looks great though! I wish I had your talent! I have a sofa that just stares at me everyday begging to be redone, lol

  2. OMGosh Laura this is gorgeous!! Ah! I love it. That close up of the fabric looks so familiar.
    I've done the finger pin pricks too. Hydrogen Peroxide dabbed with a tissue or cotton ball will take it right out. It's harder the longer it sits. Get it ASAP.
    Aren't you thrilled!? That was quick too!

  3. (saw your link on pink and polkadot)

    oh my gosh! that looks amazing!!! you must be an expert seamstress.

    wish i had your skills!

  4. Wow! You did great! I have bled my fair It is hard...:) Love your slip...I think it is perfect!

  5. Make sure you read my post about using a fabric stapler rather than those mean old pins!!!

    Your sofa turned out great!!!


  6. it really does take blood, sweat and tears to make your very own slipcover! not for the faint of heart! you have done an amazing job! it's gorgeous! a dart? seriously amazing!

  7. you did a teriffic job. The slip looks great! Sorry you had to suffer with a few bandaids a long the way. But, it was worth it, wasn't it?

  8. Wow, that is an amazing job. I started small with my first slipcover and I cheated and did not do welting.

  9. Wow it looks Awesome! You saved a ton of $$$$ doing it yourself.Thanks for sharing.~Cheers Kim

  10. You did an awesome job! It looks sooo good...wonderful fabric and how in the world did you know how to do this I wonder. I'm afraid I would not know where to start.
    have a lovely afternoon

  11. Judi, I got a book on slipcovers and read tutorials. I also got some great tips from Kelly over at "much to do with nothing". It is a big job but if you break it down into smaller sessions it helps. It took me at least a week maybe more. I wanted to quit several times!

  12. When the seamstress was pinning the bustle on my daughter's wedding gown she unknowingly pricked her finger. There were spots of blood, one by one, my initial shock kept me from screaming stop right away, but once I came to I yelled STOP. It all washed out just fine, but was scary for such an expensive dress!
    Your slipcover looks profesh! Great job!