Monday, August 16, 2010

A new friend

A few weeks ago I received a great package in the mail.....a friend for my sewing machine!  I finally received my serger that had been backordered for months. Don't they look good together?
I decided to try out the low budget Magnolia serger that Janome makes. I was able to purchase it for less than $200 and it shipped for free. That price is hard to beat. So far it seems to be fine for what I need.
So far I have only used it to finish seams but haven't used it to sew knits or anything else yet. I wanted to be able to sew knits more easily and be able to finish of the seams in my garments more professionally.
I was thrilled to see the nice edge on this little scrap on my first test drive.


  1. Yay! You got your serger! That's exciting!

  2. can you share where you bought your serger from? thanks!

  3. Kyle, I bought my serger from sewingmachinesplus, they have them at a great price and free shipping