Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guest Room Additions

I recently bought some beautiful Valori Wells fabric off of etsy to make pillows for the guest room. This fabric is wonderful. It is thicker than quilting cotton but still has a nice soft feel. I never dreamed it would match the paint color so closely.

The second pillow is above with the appropriate envelope closure.

the first pillow was not what I intended but works fine and is actually cute. You won't see the back anyways. It suffered from a lack of good guidance to "measure twice, cut once". I allowed for hem allowance but not any overlap. Oh la!

Free curtain project for the window:

When we bought our bed we were given a free set of sheets that were lacking in sleeping quality for a picky sheet person (me of course). I decided to repurpose the fabric and stitched up some curtains for the very bare window. It is a queen size flat sheet cut in half length-wise and then hemmed along the cut edge. I didn't even bother to hem them to length but just clipped them up there and let them pool slightly on the floor.

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  1. These are pretty Laura, and I like the paint color ... now to come visit! =)