Monday, January 12, 2009

What I'm up to now...

I have decided to do something cute with some scraps. I stumbled upon a cute pentagon pieced baby ball pattern over at I am making mine a little larger in scale though. You can see I already have my pieces basted and ready to go.

The green floral fabric is much more vibrant in my house. My camera does not photograph it very well.

Yellow Goodness! One of my favorite fabrics....hmmmmm.

Up close shot of the basting with contrasting thread (or what was on the needle at the time)

I labeled the pieces once I worked out the placement. I figured out you could use 4 different fabrics and not have any of the same colors touch. Now I need to get busy in front of the tele and hand stitch all these seams. I think it will be a while until you see a finished product. If you're lucky I'll update you. If only I had a few more hours in my day like my friend Christa Apparently she is working with more than 24 hours! Just kidding. I don't think she wastes as much time as I do.

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  1. Cute! I'm very impressed with your progress! It's going to be super-cute and I can't wait to see the finished project.