Thursday, January 29, 2009

Japanese Pattern : Hat

I love Japanese sewing patterns and sure wish I could read them. They are printed on wonderful white paper instead of that flimsy tissue. More like the kwik sew patterns. I find that with the pictures and some trial and error I can usually figure them out despite my lack of kanji reading skills.
I fell in love with this super cute hat pattern for toddlers/kids and it had to come home with me. The patterns are reasonably priced here but they actually have very few of them. It is usually just a small wall display. Nothing like the cabinets full of American ones you find in the United States.
This was the front picture on the pattern. I show a closeup of letter "C" which is the one I chose to make.

This is what the instructions look like. You follow the numbers for the steps and try to figure it out using the pictures.

Finished hat! Wish I had a cute kid to model it for me. Next time I will have to get my friends to help.

Up close with the fabric.

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  1. Laura, I love the hat! It's so cute. If you decide to make another one, let me know. Hailey would look so cute in it.