Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dog "Jail"

Our dogs are well behaved (well most of the time) but I still like to contain them when we are out of the house or they are trying to join the dinner party. We have a spacious laundry room and had 2 wire crates against the wall in there for the last 9 months. Although the crates worked fine they were not very attractive and took up floor space that I would like to put a farmhouse style table for folding laundry. 

So what to do? I first looked at buying tall gates but read mixed reviews and they were quite expensive and not very sturdy and the walkway openings were no bigger than 22 ". Since I am always itching to build I decided to give it a try. I took measurements and spent time drawing the plans. Once I had hubby on board it was time to head to the big blue store to buy supplies. We built the gate and side supports out of select pine so it did add up. Our gate is 42" tall and the opening is 27" wide. 

 On the back side of the gate and on the top it is secured with metal brackets. The gate is secured with 2 slide bolt latches when it is in use.
                             Most of the time the gate is left open and is not in the way at all. 

There is no jumping over this!


  1. I love this! What were the dimension of your door frame?

  2. Our doorway is 36" wide, standard size side frame.