Monday, August 17, 2009

chocolate and sprinkles

I have been enjoying recycling clothing lately. It is so much fun to turn the items into something new and fresh. I forgot to take a before picture this time. This started out life as a size 22 womens top and became a size 3-4T dress. It has a great vintage feel to it.

The original top already had these pleats and the yolk trim. I was also able to reuse the sleeves by cutting them down. I just had to thread new elastic into them that was more child size appropriate.

I also kept the little back detail from the original back. It is higher than waist level but it looks really cute. The dress has a simple one button closure.

The fabric is chocolate colored with silver and peach screen printed polka dots that actually melt off when ironed with the temp set too high (whoops!). Thankfully I figured this out on the bias trim first. I hemmed it with some wonderful Japanese ribbon. I love to cheat this way with my hems.

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