Monday, March 9, 2009


We took a little trip to Tokyo the week after Matt came home. When we got to the airport in Naha they told us our flight had been cancelled. Lucky us though, we got switched to the Pokeman airplane! The seats had Pokeman headrest covers, the curtains were Pokeman embellished, and even the Japanese stewardess aprons were Pokeman plastered. Locally it is a big deal and people were getting their pictures taken with the plane. It definitely added some fun to the trip.
Once we arrived at Haneda we got on the monorail, then we got on the JR train line, then we transferred to the metro line and finally walked a few blocks to our hotel. I find all of the city transportation exciting since I didn't experience that growing up.

Matt hauling our suitcase to the hotel.

A giant spider sculpture in Roppongi

Carts outside of the Tsukiji fish market

Those same carts being used to haul fish

There is an interesting juxtaposition between old and new modes of cargo transportation at the market. It is a crazy, dangerous, albeit wonderful place to visit.

I should tell you we had to get up at 5:00 to leave our hotel at 5:30 and travel to the market. We actually missed a lot of the action as the tuna auctions start around 4:00.

On the way back from Tsukiji fish market I saw a little "Heartbeat of America" . In Japan the bikes are produced by companies that you do not see selling bikes in the U.S.A. You can find Panasonic, Coleman, Chevrolet, and many others.

The Torii outside of Meiji shrine

Sakura blooming in Ueno park.

I was able to drag Matt along to the Nippori fabric district and visit the popular Tomato store. There are 7 floors of fabrics and notions! I think Matt panicked for a short while. It was overcrowded but I did come away with some great fabrics.

Asakusa temple and market area.

My favorite picture from the trip. The moped, not the cat!

Very proper looking cops.

Cop box in the Asakusa district.

In Japan you can pay for your lunch at a vending machine and then you give the tickets to the host/hostess at the counter and they will prepare the food. It eliminates the cash register, the operator, and the hassle! A little piece of Japanese innovation!

This is what we had, Japanese style curry with rice. The croquet was onion and potato in panko crumbs. Yum!

Not a great picture, but the only one of both of us. Self taken of course! We were on top of Haneda's airport where you can be outside watching the planes come and go (probably Matt's favorite part of the trip!)

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